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267 Trees will be planted in 2019!


Using Tree Care Services for Good

Although Clean Cuts Trees is in the business of removing them, we love trees. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, trees have to be cut down. Usually, it’s to improve the quality of a property. Other times, it’s to eliminate the unnecessary risk posed to a family, a home, and other property. We don’t like cutting down trees, but we want to ensure that it’s done as safely as possible.

With that in mind, we’re conscious about running a sustainable operation every day when we work. That’s why we’ve promised that every time we remove a tree from a customer’s property, we make plans to plant one in its place.

Clean Cuts Trees’ commitment is simple. If we strive to do no net harm to the environment, we have to replace what we remove. It’s part of what our local, family-owned company serving Kaysville, UT, Layton, UT, Davis County, UT, and Weber County, UT, is founded on.

If You Have Trees, Then You Need Clean Cuts