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Ornamental, Fruit, and Nut Tree Pruning

There are two different groups; standard trees and flowering (fruit) trees, they each require different pruning methods. We only need to strip standard trees of deadwood and disease and keep branches from interfering with buildings or powerlines, but flowering trees require more expertise. Flowering trees are classified as ornamental, meaning they serve an aesthetic purpose. Many flowering trees also bear fruits or nuts. Your fruit tree may be ornamental or productive, but either case demands special pruning needs.

These specific needs can have a significant impact on the tree. You need a tree care expert team to handle the unique needs of flowering and fruit-bearing trees. For expert fruit tree pruning in Kaysville, UT and the surrounding area, give Clean Cuts Trees a call today.

How Fruit Tree Pruning is Unique

Many people have fruit trees on their private property but aren’t part of the produce business. In that case, it’s not always sustainable to manage even a few trees. Here’s an example: Let’s say you have a few apple trees on your property. The tree flowers in the spring, and you don’t have to do anything to it. But as the buds turn to fruit, you come across some problems. The tree can become too tall to pick the fruits even with a ladder. The amount of yielded fruits can also become cumbersome. When you don’t remove a certain number of the fruits during the growing stage, none of the apples have room to reach full maturity. With apple trees, you have to control the growth of both the tree and the crop, making room for accessible apples of optimal size come harvest season. The unique aspects of different produce trees highlight the need for a team of experts to help you prune and manage your ornamental trees.

When is Tree Pruning Necessary?

Unlike standard trees, which need annual pruning to continue growing as they should, fruit, nut, and ornamental trees require only require pruning services during their maturation period. This is because they require maintenance to develop limbs thick even to withstand weather conditions and bear fruit yields. Pruning opens canopies, which allows light and air to enter, preventing the spread of fungi and diseases. We typically prune trees during the early spring before the buds break out and the trees are still dormant. After the first year, our goal is to continue to reinforce the strength of the tree and allow for increased growth.

Why is Over Pruning Bad?

Over pruning a tree can hinder or even halt its development and kill the tree. It’s therefore important to trust the tree specialists at Clean Cuts Trees with pruning, as we know where to make cuts and when to stop. In general, we follow industry-standard guidelines for pruning, which has served us and the trees we prune well. We avoid over-pruning by:

Not topping the tree: Chopping the top off a tree is never advisable because it disfigures and weakens the structure of the tree.

Pruning the tree at the right time of year: In the case of ornamental trees, knowing when to prune is critical, and doing so at the wrong time results in over-pruning.

Cutting branches in the right order: Believe it or not, proper tree pruning includes making cuts in the correct order. There are numerous variables only our tree specialists can understand.

Knowing when to stop: The most significant danger associated with tree pruning is cutting too many branches off the stem, which leads to a weakened and ruined tree. Our specialists know when to stop.


broken branch

How We Can Help

Clean Cuts Trees understand how to prune ornamental and fruit trees safely and without damaging the tree. Our tree specialists work carefully and around your busy schedule to get the job done. Don’t skimp on tree pruning. There are several ways our team can help you manage your fruit, nut, and ornamental trees:

  • Pruning fruit, nut, and ornamental trees help the trees develop stiff limbs and evenly distribute sunlight.
  • Our tree specialists know when the best time to prune fruit trees is. Each tree has dormant periods.
  • Our professionally-trained specialists know where to cut the branches and limbs. Knowing where to cut is beneficial to the tree.
  • We understand the specific needs of different varieties of ornamentals, fruit trees, and nut-bearing trees.

Some tree service companies have the expertise that stops after tree removal. Our team of trained tree technicians at Clean Cuts Trees work on keeping any tree found in Kaysville, UT, Layton, UT, Weber County, UT, and Davis County, UT, healthy and productive. When you’re ready to see what we can do, give us a call!

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