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Tree Care Services in Kaysville

Clean Cuts Trees takes pride in being able to offer our customers in Kaysville, UT, Layton, UT, Davis County, UT, and Weber County, UT, a wide range of tree care services. Whether you want a consultation about the ongoing health of certain trees, an estimate for one or more removal jobs, or a team to trim or prune your trees on a regular basis, we can help.
Clean Cuts Trees is a family-owned business that truly cares about trees. We want to help our community and be sustainable; for every tree, we remove from a client’s property, we promise to plant one somewhere to replace it. We have also made the promise to be sustainable; for every tree, we take off of a client’s property, we promise to plant one somewhere to replace it. For more information, call us today.

Tree Trimming

Pruning and trimming any type of tree can be incredibly beneficial. Not only does a tree that’s trimmed regularly look better, it also has the potential to be stronger and healthier. Most importantly, trimmed trees stay out of the way of obstacles like power lines, basketball hoops, and roof lines. Whether you need trees trimmed once or on a regular basis, call Clean Cuts Trees and you’ll have a team of licensed arborists on your property to take care of all your tree trimming needs.

Bush and Shrub Removal

Removing brushes and shrubs on your own can be strenuous work. With the equipment we have in our arsenal at Clean Cuts Trees, we accomplish the same task in a fraction of the time without leaving behind any residual roots or other debris. Our bush removal service is paramount when removing an entire hedgerow.

chainsaw and tree

Tree Removal

There are many reasons why you’d want to remove a tree from a property. For example, clearing the space for development, the tree is dying and at risk for falling on your home, or it could be diseased, and you want to remove it before it affects other trees in the area. No matter the case, you need an expert team to mitigate risk during tree removal. Clean Cuts Trees has that expert team, using our years of experience to ensure a safe removal every time.

Dead Limb Removal

Removing dead limbs is a necessity from time to time. Dead limbs make the tree weaker as a whole and present the risk of damaging property and possibly risking people’s lives. However, limbs need to be removed correctly to provide for the continued health of the tree.

Ornamental, Fruit, and Nut Tree Pruning

Pruning flowering (fruit) trees is different than trimming regular deciduous trees. Trimming at the end of the season impacts the productive yield and health of the tree in question throughout the coming year.

Emergency Tree Damage

When a limb or an entire tree falls on your home, your car, or your business, you need help fast. Clean Cut Trees serving Kaysville, UT, is at your service, 24/7!

If You Have Trees, Then You Need Clean Cuts